Tailored coaching with lasting results


The Peak Health & Performance PT Transformation Program is guaranteed to transform not only your physique but your mind in just 12 weeks. Through our holistic approach, we strive to achieve the best results for our clients in the easiest and most maintainable way.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach when it comes to your fitness journey, that is why our industry-leading coaches individualise every training and nutrition program, tailoring it to your body type, fitness level and goals.

In-person or online options are available.

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We want to tailor your PT Transformation Program to you perfectly so you can reach your goals after the 12 weeks.


In the initial assessment, we assess all aspects of your current training, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle and health. We also work with you to determine your goals.


To get the most accurate results we test your body composition including weight and body fat percentage and also test to see your mobility to indicate if there are any structural imbalances.




Your 12 weeks will be composed of 3x 4-week training phases, all working towards your end goal. 

If in-person option is selected you will train with your coach 3-4 times per week. For the online option weekly check-ins via Skype with your coach is offered. Both options provide ongoing assessment of new training phases and overall progress and body composition measurements and updates.


In the 12 weeks, you will receive individualised training programs for the different stages of your transformation, all working towards your end goal. Each training program is designed to develop from the last one, with progressions in exercise selection to enable you to progress more effectively towards your goals.




After your initial assessment through discussion on your nutrition habits, we work with you to develop an achievable, yet effective nutritional plan to improve your diet. We will also recommend relevant nutritional supplements if we believe these will enhance your health.


A true transformation is not complete without adequate nutritional guidance. Over the 12-weeks, you will receive customized nutrition plans, designed to complement your efforts in the gym. Our coaches ensure you are eating the right foods, in the right quantities at the right times.